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We are an industrial manufacturer of farming inputs. For us, farming sector is a factory, wherein, inputs are pesticides, fertilizers etc and outputs are the crops. Our end objective is to enhance yields while ensuring low costs.

The benefits of using SAOSIS products

Increases crop yields: Some of the vital nutrients required for the development of plants are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The growth gets affected if the plant is deprived of any of these nutrients. The use of Saosis fertilizers increases the crop yield by replacing the missing nutrients.

Reduces soil erosion: Our fertilizers aids in the faster growth of plant and also protects the soil from the adverse effects of rain and sun. As the plant grows, it covers the soil and restricts the growth of weeds. Also, its rapid growth helps in reducing soil erosion.

Improves plant health: Continuous utilization of Saosis fertilizers encourages microbial activities in the root and improves plant health by improving its root system.

This is where SAOSIS products can help you a great deal

We have successfully developed a highly effective nutrient management program to assist our buyers select and apply the right formulated fertilizer as per their requirements. Whether you are a starter or an experienced farmer, you are guaranteed to find the right product from our extensive inventory of Saosis products.

Here are some distinctive advantages that you gain when you choose our Saosis products:

SAOSIS Fertilizers are blended perfectly to restore the balance of soil which get saffected by chemical use, crop type of seasonal changes. Traditional farming methods have come up with additional inorganic chemical additives to improve the productivity. It is now recognized that these traditional methods have a serious impact on the environment and overall sustainability of horticulture and agriculture.

We have developed an extensive product line which is centered around sustainable organic fertilisers which not only maintains productivity but also enhances it at no additional costs to the farmer  than "traditional methods". Revital fertilizers are based on either vermicast and or compost blends.

What makes us better than others?

  • You can store our products for a longer period of time as we provide water soluble NPK fertilizers. Our Saosis products are provided in air stable powder form and can be bought in bulk.
  • Our Saosis products includes technical chelated trace elements and are urea free.
  • We give different products for different growth effects and soil demands. This ascertains that you can select the most suitable products as required for the growth of your crops. Additionally, we also assist you in choosing the right product and provide guidance on timing, amount and appplication procedures. This leads to the enhanced growth of plants.
  • Our products comprises a balanced mix of quality nutrients to match to the specific needs of plant. This is why they are highly effective and quick in displaying results
  • You can use our array for almost all types of crops, soil or irrigation systems. Moreover, Saosis products are apt to all plants, from flowers to fruits, vegetables, or even trees.
Research and Development

Our progressive Research and Development centers help us in our endeavors to constantly improve the formulations, products, processes and packaging. Our technical experts in chemistry, agronomy, packaging engineering, biology engineering and other disciplines collaborate to bring safe, sustainable and simple developments to the markets. We have a research greenhouse that spreads across an area of 500 square-foot. It is used to test the current products and develop new products. This greenhouse is situated on an one acre outdoor research area that is used to study ornamental, turf, trees, fruit plants and vegetables. Our quest for making the gardening and lawn experience more successful is what drives our researchers and scientists. It is due to our focus on product improvements, we are capable of offering premium quality Bio Fertilizer, Bio Pesticides, Neem Cake Dust and other products to the consumers.

Our Products

We are manufacturing, exporting and supplying:
  • Seaweed extract fertilizer
  • Humic acid fertilizer
  • Amino Acid fertilizer
  • Fulvic Acid fertilizer
  • Natural fertilizer
  • Bio fertilizer
  • Bio Insecticide
  • Bio Fungicide
  • Herbal Fertilizers
  • Zyme Granules
  • Granular Fertilizer
Quality Assurance

Being an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified business firm, we are highly committed to offer quality products to the consumers. Right from the formulation of products to the packaging of the products, we take care of quality aspect at all levels. And this is why, we have been successful in manufacturing quality products that help plants grow faster. Our products protect the soil from the ravages of rain and sun. We manufacture our products using quality nutrients and other ingredients that suit the specific needs of the plants. And so, our products are highly effective and show excellent results.